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Want to start off saying, treat me like a moron, when it comes to upgrading, and how to actually do the install, call me Rain Man.

Ok, I am replacing my GPU, out with the 8800 GTS 340 meg card, and in with this:

Ok, the card comes in, I remove the old card, click in the new card, connect the power cables from the PSU ( Tough Power 750), turn the system on, put in disc that comes with the new GPU, and that's it? Do I have to uninstall the old drivers? (going from NVida to ATI.

Also, my processor is an E6600

Thanks for any and all help.
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  1. Uh, just post the link so we can click on it. I am too lazy to copy and paste you moron. Haha, hey you said we could....

    I would just DL the latest 8.12 drivers from the AMD/ATI page and skip the CD unless there is anything extra on it that you want. You might get 8.11 on the CD and you will have to update anyway...might as well get 8.12 beforehand. It should say on the CD though what driver version it is. If it is 8.12 then you can skip the DL.

    You will definitely want to uninstall the NV drivers before installing the ATI drivers. Go through the add/remove software in the control panel and do it that way. After that delete any NV folders hanging around. Do the same whenever updating your ATI drivers as well. Enjoy your new card.

    Edit: Also, if you decide to use something like driversweeper, I would backup the hell out of your system first. I used it quite a bit but the last time it crashed and screwed up my registry so I will not be doing it that way anymore.
  2. Yes, you MUST uninstall you existing Nvidia drivers.
    Suggested way to do the upgrade;
    Start your computer. Go to the ATI website, download and save the latest drivers (I save in a special folder for this purpose) then uninstall the Nvidia drivers from Add/Remove programs. Shut down, turn off your computer and remove the power lead. Switch cards, reconnect the power lead and Restart. Install the drivers you downloaded. Restart. Have fun.
  3. ^ add a step to coozies, a big issue is the frequent incompatibility between nvidia and ati drivers, this causes a lot of crashes and other stuff which is irritiating.

    so goto and download the latest version of drive sweeper, once you have uninstalled in normal windows, when you restart go into safe mode, run drive sweeper, and tick both nvidia options, hit analyse and then clean (and repeat a few times)

    once thats done, shutdown, change the cards over, and then start up and install the new drivers for the ati card.
  4. I`ve heard bad things about these driver cleaners, which is why I did n`t mention it.
    Adding yet another step; Set a restore point before you start the upgrade procedure, it`s better to be safe than do a full reinstall.
  5. excellent point with the system restore.
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