How can I make RAID 0 bootable?

I have two of these Barracuda SATA hard drives that I set in the BIOS as RAID 0 but they show as "Bootable NO" and I don't know how to make them bootable. This is a photo of my screen showing this:

More details: Up untill now I've been using Vista installed on on a RAID 0 using two of these Caviar SATA hard drives . On the screen above they show as Bootable Yes. Now and I'm trying to install Windows 7 on the new Barracuda pair of drives set as one RAID 0 volume. I unplugged the old hard drives, started the computer, pressed Ctrl + I to get to the screen shown on the image above and set the two new Barracuda drives to RAID 0 in the same way I set my two old Caviar hard drives. But unlike the old Caviar hard drives, the new new Barracuda drives RAID 0 shows as Bootable NO. I didn't find any options to make my new RAID bootable and Windows 7 installer reported that the volume is not bootable and should not be used for installation.

I will greatly appreciate your help.
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    You need a motherboard with an EFI BIOS in order to boot from a volume that's larger than 2TB. The disk itself needs to use GPT-style partitions instead of a MBR-style.

  2. Great, thanks
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  4. I managed to make the RAID bootable by splitting it into two volumes. But I still have a serous problem.
    I made one of the volume with 2000 GB and the other with the rest of 794 GB which showed the volumes as bootable.

    This allowed me to install Windows 7 and I chose the smaller 794 GB volume for the installation. But the problem is that when I restart the computer and try to choose the boot volume in the BIOS, the RAID volumes are not listed.

    In order to start Windows 7 from my hard drive I have to choose the DVD player and make sure that Windows 7 installation disk is in. Then at the screen where it asks to press any key to start windows from the DVD, I just wait without pressing any key and then Windows start from the hard drive. But that's not normal.
    I also tried F8 key during the POST that pops a boot device chooser and it showed that I can choose the RAID volumes

    But it did't make any difference. I still had to have the DVD selected in the boot tab of the BIOS and the installation disk inside in order to get to start Windows from the hard drive. Otherwise at the end of the POST I got a message asking me to reboot and choose a booting device.
    I will greatly appreciate your help.
  5. I'm not sure I can help you with this one, and since the thread is marked "solved" you may not get anyone else reading the thread to have a look. If you don't get any other responses then it might be wise to open a new thread with this question...
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