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I recently decided on and ordered a case, the Cooler Master Cosmos S. After reading several reviews and seeing many negative comments, I have become concerned about my purchase. I need to know honest opinions from people who have owned this case. If you liked it, please chime in too! Also, do heat sinks fit even with the side fan? I plan on using it for my new i7 build. I decided on this case after I saw it going for $150 dollars on Newegg.
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  1. Anyone have any opinions on this case, positive or negative? Do any good cpu coolers fit in the case with the side panel fan?
  2. I have a cosmos 1000 case, which i believe is VERY similar. I actually love the case. Plenty of room and everything. Just make sure that you have long power cables for the motherboard from your Power supply. I didnt have any problems fitting anything in there. great non-rattling hdd cages, plenty of room for multiple video cards, lots of room for watercooling if you go that route, etc etc etc.

    oh yeah...the thing is virtually silent. if there werent lights on the top, i wouldnt be able to tell if it was on.
  3. i think my friend had the case im not sure if its the same one ur talking bout but i hated it just because it didnt have a window you could look into your system with...nothin major but if i buy a case it needs one
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