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Hi all, I just recently bought a new Accer p243w This is my first widescreen and i can't figure out why when I open web sites, pictures and text don't fill whole screen. It leaves colored bars on both sides of web page. Or in some instances it off sets web page to one side of screen. My games and certain times I'm in fourm rooms or my E-mail in box everything fills out fine. What gives with this?? My monitor is a 1920 x 1200 and I have it set that way in control panel. I am running a 8800gt with DVi cable. Help please
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  1. some websites are designed to be a certain size, say 800x600, so they dont get fatter as the resolution increases, if they are centered then like you have seen the side bars grow and fill in the space.

    its just the way that particular website has been designed, with a fixed width rather than an adjustable one.
  2. It even depends on which browser as well, for some things
  3. +1 ! web site are sometime disigned for 4:3
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