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Hey all, I have two questions concerning a monitor and a graphics card.

1. Which, in everyone's opinion, is the best monitor possible under 100 dollars (Balancing size and quality)? Sorry in advance if this question is too general, I'd just like a general idea.

2. Which, in everyone's opinion, is the best graphics card possible for around 100 dollars?

I know next to nothing about computer parts, so it's very difficult to differentiate between the cards/monitors. Thanks and I'll try to reply back to posts.
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  1. ejdj - any chance of you telling us what you currently have?

    specifically your motherboard supplier and model number

    what size screen do you currently own?
  2. Heya,

    $100 for a display (the one thing you actually SEE that your computer does, ie, the end product).

    $100 for a graphics card (the worker bee who pushes your 3d games onto that display you buy).

    Personally, I think you need to re-evaluate your priorities. I'd stress a better display over a better graphics card. Why? Because honestly, what's the point of high res high quality settings in games if you're on this tiny little low res frame that you have to sit within a foot or two of, in order to actually read/see anything on it.

    But, in the spirit of actually helping you, here's some information:

    $99 17" LCD monitor - It has good settings for it's cost/size. Note: you should try to scour ebay/craigslist for a larger display for cheaper. Even an old 21" CRT would likely be better if you can find one.

    As for the graphics card, the $85 HD4830 is unbeatable at that cost. Though note, it requires PCIe. If you're on this kind of budget, I'm curious if the machine you're using even has PCIe on the motherboard, and while I'm at it, how do you have a graphic-cardless computer and no monitor?

    So spill the beans.... what's the total situation here?

    Very best,
  3. 21" CRT! my ict teacher has a 20" CRT and he can barely lift it... insanely heavy
  4. Hey sorry all, your right I should have explained my situation. Basically, I'm looking to build my first ever "homebuilt" desktop. I have no clue where to start, and I thought it would be a little general to say in the homebuilt section, "What is the best possible 600$ computer I can build"? I was trying to gain some limited knowledge before heading over there, but it would be great if you guys wanted to help me here. Also, I don't have a previous desktop of any sort, all I have is a dell laptop. So in short I was looking for advice on building a system, and I figured 100 dollars for a monitor/graphics card was reasonable.

    Thanks for any more replies; I'll be checking back frequently.
  5. Anyone else have some advice? I was looking to find out which parts would be best and then work from there. Thanks
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