H50 and a Xaser III case with 80mm fans

Hello. I have a h50 kit and a Xaser III case. The case has 7 80mm fans but no 120mm one. How can i install the h50 in the case?
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  1. You need to cut a bigger hole.

    Modern hardware needs more cooling than a older case with 80mm fans. The 80mm is louder because it needs to be at higher RPM to move the air needed in modern rigs.

    I highly suggest you buy a new case.

    Look at the Antec 900 V2, a personal fav of mine.
  2. +1 what Conumdrum said

    I was surprised to see 80mm fans mentioned. The Xaser III is a 7 year old model. Time to consider a new case.
  3. Try it and what? Having a 80mm only in the front of the case. No matter what the HOLES are NOT big enough. Fannage and Holelage. OP needs to upgrade badly.

    Time to get modern with newer processors.

    You pretty much need to have TWO 120 x2 in and out now.
  4. Its $3.99 expense before plunging to a new case. It may work ...

    For all you know i have a full tower Antec case(Performance TX Series) with 80mm hole adapted to a 120mm fans. It runs Quad Core Q6600 (OC to 3GHZ) and BFG 280 OC.
  5. Q6600. 3.0. Wow. Old tech, 3.0? Most get those to 3.6 working at it. Maybe a new case would work for you too.
  6. That machine runs for 2x7 for almost 2 years now.... It can run faster but for its application i need it to last longer. No need for new case the old case works just fine. In my situation The $3.99 solution work. It's worth trying before spending the money.

    To be honest my first reaction to this post is change the case....But i remember i was on the same boat 2 years ago.

    If it does not address the problem sure get a new case with 120mm fan.
  7. So this will work with a h50?
    The reason Im using the xaser iii is because I got it for free. I have a budget, and with the i7 I got, I don't have money to spend on a new case.
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    I see no reason for it not to work for H50. There is only standard dimension for 120mm and 80mm fans right? Give it shot before you spend your $ for another case.

    There's nothing to loss in trying(may be$3.99). I expect it to work. XaserIII is a lot better than my old Antec Performance(TX) with 80mm fans. MY OC CPU temp @ prime-95(100% CPU) peaks at 56C with an average of 45C for 10 hrs. Q6600 consumes more power than your CPU.
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