Think I have a problem with my graphics card

Trying to install Windows Vista Home. I boot from the DVD and give all the info and all goes well. Then the system does the reboot and says Windows is preparing to start for the first time.

Then the screen goes black, hangs for a maybe a minute, and the Blue Screen of Death appears and this is what it says:
"Attempt to reset from the display driver and recover from timeout failed."
Stop code: 0X00000116 (0X84A25F38, 0X885CB640, 0X00000000, 0X00000002)

Microsoft knowledge base doesnt seem to have any info on this stop code. Has anyone else ever ran into this or have any ideas what it could be?

The card is a Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS.

Is this a driver problem or is the graphics card failing?

Thanks for any help...
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  1. im am almost sure that that is the driver failing. try reinstalling the driver, as hard as that might be. most likely, try a safeboot so it doesnt load the graphics driver, get rid of it, and install the latest driver.
  2. that error could also mean a dead video card my 8800gtx started doing that the other day and i took a duplicate card out of my wife's machine and issue resolved but soon as I try my 8800 gtx boom 0x00000116 nvlddmkm.sys error not too mention video artifacts both in bios and safe mode. over clocking gone wrong. funny thing is was a very minor over clock using the nvidia performance tool.
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