Is my mobo screwed?


my PC stopped working. when i turn it on, the lights come on and all the fans work but it doesn't go anywhere from that. the fans don't even slow down (like they used to when everything was ok). there's also no "beep" and nothing shows on the screen.

it just stays like that, lights and fans on without working

oh, it's an Asus P5Q

if ya want the rest of the setup it's

powercolor hd4870
corsair vx 550w psu
2gb corsair dominator ram
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  1. You'll have to perform basic troubleshooting. Remove the video card and everything else that's not needed (including memory), disconnect the hard disk(s) and DVD-RW, etc. Does it beep when you power up (it should since memory is missing). You wrote that there are no beeps, therefore I assume that a speaker is connected to the motherboard and that it used to beep at POST.
  2. but doesn't doing that stuff void the warranty?
  3. Void what warranty? I didn't ask you to remove the HSF and power the system up with no CPU cooling (though the system would most likely shutdown within a couple seconds to save itself). Did you assemble that system yourself? If not and if it still is under warranty, then get them to fix it.
  4. no i didn't, the guys at the store built it and yes it's under warranty. ok then i'll take it there and see what they can do..
  5. That's your best option if it's under warranty. Since it doesn't work at all, they should have no problems figuring out what's wrong with it.
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