Need Advice On Choosing A Case for Water Cooling

Hello everyone
I'm planning to build a new system and I need you to share your experience with me and advice me about choosing a suitable case.
I plan to use water cooling with 2 radiators, one 360 mm and the other 240 mm, or at least both 240 mm.
I intend to cool the whole componenets of my PC with liquid ( CPU, 2 GPUs, 3 RAM DIMMS, NB, SB and 2 HDDs), I may use 2 loops of WC or just one if I find a powerful enough pump.
I prefer the case to mount the PSU at the top and not at the buttom, othewrwise I would go for Antec 1200.
What case do you suggest?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. It's gonna be expensive, but look into LianLi. Also seriously, you will not notice any difference WC'ing the HDD's, or RAM (just makes a bigger mess of tubing in the case, impeding airflow).
    lots of people swear by these cases (I swear at them, after looking at the price tag).

    As for the CPU, NB, and SB those can be cooled by a single 120mm radiator easily. (as long as you run them in circuit)

    The GPU's can be cooled by a dual 120mm radiator. (these alone emit more heat than the rest of the components combined)

    You don't need a massive pump, and affords less clutter with 2 smaller pumps, using 3/8 ID tubing (with anti-kink coils).
    (avoid compression fittings too)

    All these items can be found on
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