Wd 2tb green on abit ip35 pro not being seen in bios

just got a new wd 2tb green, plugged it in and nothing in bios. unplugged all the other drives just to see if it shows up and nothing. I know people have 1.5's on this board im wondering is 2tb just to big for it to see it? or is it a faulty drive
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  1. it comes up as a blank in bios and it hangs on post.... anyone had a problem?
  2. Any current mobo ought to be able to handle a 2 TB unit. If your BIOS really cannot see it at all, I'd suspect a bad drive.
  3. got a new drive after an rma and the bios see's it now, just windows doesn't when i try to format it but it shows up in device manager lol
  4. never mind it's playing ball now, just didn't want an mbr instead it seems to want a gpt
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