What motherboard is compatible with ddr1 or 2

im going to upgrade my desktop and i will change my memory to ddr or maybe ddr1. my mother board is MSI
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  1. MSI AGP 8X is my motherboard is that compatible to ddr1 or 2
  3. Don't bother upgrading your current setup, waste of money. Get a new computer. For regular use you can get a new one for $400, or a used one for about half that.
  4. hehe..i don't want to buy a brand new one..my pc is my own assembled,and i love that..i want to use my computer on my own assembled that is why..hehe.. by the way..thank you for your reminders.
  5. You can build your own new PC as well. An AGP-based system, it's a dead end, and has been for some time now. Every dollar you put into it is not movable to a new system.

    Either case, you did not list enough info to figure out if your RAM is DDR or DDR2, but easy to tell. Just look up the full model number of the motherboard, or look at the RAM you have now.
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