Help me find a video card

So far I have purchased the HIS Radeon HD3800 and most recently tried to downgrade to HD3650.

Either my motherboard (elitegroup K7S5A) AGP slot. AMI BIOS Ver. 1.21.11 No onboard video. will not support this series of video card and would like to know what video cards you have available that will work or I am missing something and need assistance.

Both cards I have tried, I get no video at all, monitor will not even wake up from standby. At boot the card does light up and the fan powers on, I also get a series of post beeps (short 1-8-2-1) or short-slow constant never ending beeps.

I am runnning a antec 500watt power supply and have tried removing all power from motherboard, including CMOS battery and RAM. (using 2GB DDR1 RAM) to completely reset any memory settings.

Of course my original video card (old-no memory on card) works, but I wish to upgrade.
So what am I missing, or if my motherboard will not support these cards, What cards do you have that will work?

Please help...Thank You
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  1. Heya,

    Does your HD3800 have a power connection on it? I thought the 3800 series required an external power connection from the PSU (4 pin or 6 pin, can't remember). I know the HD3850 needed an external power connection. You should be able to slap any AGP card in there and it should at least post. It should get enough power for that at least. Odd.

    Very best,
  2. Yes, 3800 card had 8 pin power connector, 500w power supply had a 8 pin connector but one pin was slightly rounded and would not fit, so i used the supplied 4 pin y-connector adapter which did fit and I confirmed with a DVOM to have 12.5 volts @ connector. Got same POST beeps with or without power connected
    The fan does power on thru the AGP slot.
    From what I read the external power was only needed for the HDMI support or the TV out adapter.

    Either way I have since returned the 3800 and downgraded to the 3650 which does not have the typical power connector but does have a very small 4 pin connector (too small for power supply 4 pin connector)
    This fan does also power up along with a blue l.e.d. But still no video, monitor shows digital connection, then goes to sleep and wont wake.
    Get constant slow never ending POST beeps.

    I am wondering if because the above video cards have DDR2 and 3 memory, but yet my motherboard only supports DDR1 if this is part of the problem?

    Any idea's people?
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