What the actual f**K?? direct x problem

just installed a saphire radeon hd 3650 512mb, with direct x 10.1 everything now works great except when i go to play one of my fav games (C&C 3) a popup says i need to install the latest version of direct x!, the requirement for that game is only version 9!!

is this common?? is there an emulator out there or something?? help please - i love that game!
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  1. There are new releases of DX9.0c almost every month (if not every month) which add new libraries and update old ones. What comes with XP is very old and will need an update for most new games to work. Vista's one I would think should be fine for DX9 in most games, but an update is never a bad thing.

  2. thanks mate, but i have a very new machine, heres the spec:
    600w silent ocr
    gigabyte ma790gp-ds4h
    vista 64bit
    2gb corsair 800mhz ram
    phenom 9850
    radeon hd 3650 512mb
  3. New machine, old machine, doesn't matter. DirectX should be updated every now and then anyway, at least after each time you re-install the OS because you'll be stuck using an old version. If that doesn't fix your problem then something else is screwed. Start with the easy fixes first ;)
  4. ok, ive downloaded and installed directx 9. but the game still doesnt work. in dxdiag its still saying the version is 10, so do i need to uninstall version 10? how would i go about that and would i have to reinstall that for newer games??

    thanks for the help so far
  5. It will always say 10. It should work, and if it's not, it's not likely directly a DirectX problem.
  6. It WORKS!!!! i had to download a load of patches (655 in total took 3hours!!) it was 2 years out of date!! i'm presuming the directx 9 has helped as well
    thanks a load!!
  7. I dont feel like I've helped much, but sure thing. :P
  8. Always good to see a quick resolution :)
  9. lol, well it all works good now, hopefully i wont have to do the same thing for other old games... and new ones (red alert 3) :D
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