Does this chipset fan works for this motherboard??

OK so i have zero knowledge of motherboard fans and now it is making so much noise so i want to change it. I did some research and i found this

i dont know if this will work? for my msi 865PE Neo motherboard?

i mean how to connect them together the board and the fan? use Thermal compound? do they stick?
cause now the fan and the board are connected with hooks on the side...

please help this noob thx!
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  1. can anyone answer this question because i would like to purchase this fan if it can work for a evga 780i.
  2. If completely replacing the old heatsink, you would need to use a Thermal Adhesive pad, not compound/grease, which the package includes.

    Are you certain you couldn't just nylon wire-tie a simple 2 or 3-pin fan to the existing heatsink? I've found that works quite well for heatsinks that aren't designed with fans. If the old one has fallen off, then yeah, you'll need something like this to replace it (or a new thermal adhesive pad). However, I have seen several customer reviews on Newegg about this particular one that said the included adhesive pad does not stick well. Some also said that though the unit looks like copper, it is in fact not. It's probably anodized aluminum.
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