Slight RAM Cooler Mod

First of all, hey! What's up? :bounce:

Now what I'm planning on getting is the OCZ XTC Memory Cooler, as depicted in the picture below;

Put it under 'spoiler' for those of you who might not want to waste bandwidth. :)

Now if you've just looked at that picture, you will see that it lights up blue. I dislike blue. :cry:

What I'm going to attempt to do is open it up (it seems to have screws on the top), cut out the blue leds and whack in some red ones. Now I'm new to modding (if you can even call this modding :kaola: ) so I wanted your opinions on whether or not you think this will work/if it's a good idea.

The main reason I'm doing this is I'm going for a completely RED look with my soon to be new case the CM 690ii Advance w/ window panel.

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Oh yeah and sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section. Feel free to move it.
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  1. Don't see why it won't work. It may be a bit of a PITA to do due to size, but it should be possible. Just make sure you get the correct size/amp LEDs.
  2. What's a PITA?

    And do you have any ideas on how to find the size/amp of the LEDs? I haven't purchased it yet and am hoping to get it online with the LEDs so I probably won't be able to get it first.
  3. Pain In The A$$.

    Yea, you'll need to get the same LED's for voltage. measure the reistsnce forward and reverse bias, try to find the same ones, they come in a billion different voltages/flavors.

    If they are straight wired, no resistors etc, just get two 6V ones and run them in series.
  4. The image is not coming up for me.

    I assume you mean this OCZ memory cooler:

    I see one potential problem. Are you going to install a large, tower style cpu heatsink and fan(s)? If so, then the memory cooler will not fit. It will interfere with the cpu heatsink just like those memory modules with the extra tall heatspreaders that sort of look like a comb. It is usually the memory slot closest to the cpu socket that is the problem.

    If you are going to install a tower style cpu heatsink, then the memory cooler is not necessary. In fact the tall memory heatspreaders are not necessary either. Memory temperatures are no longer a problem like they were years ago. Tom's Hardware has mentioned it several times in recent memory articles and comparisons. In a classic bottom front to top rear airflow configuration the cpu heatsink fan will draw air right over the memory modules to help cool them anyway.
  5. Conumdrum, is there any way of finding out the voltages etc without buying the product first?

    Yes Johnny that is the cooler.

    I am planning on installing a heatsink, namely the 'Thor's Hammer'.

    As for the cooler not being necessary I do realise that but this was mainly for looks in the first place anyway. :kaola:
  6. The Thor's Hammer cpu heatsink is one of those large, tower style, cpu heatsinks popular with gamers. The cpu heatsink and the memory cooler will get in each other's way. You can install one or the other but not both.
  7. Ok Johnny thanks. I'll stick with the Thors Hammer then.

    I suppose this is a good thing, morreeee moneyz to spend on the games! :D
  8. i see it being more of a PITA than anything but if the OP never tries it he will never know =)
  9. He might have room using a Thor's Hammer by mounting a regular 120mm X 25mm fan on the back-side of the HS instead of on the front. That or with two slim 120mm X 15mm fans in a push-pull config (2 to make up for airflow and pressure loss vs a single 120x25).

    Of course, on an AMD system, neither of those options is even possible because a Thor's Hammer can only face Top/Bottom. Only Intel systems get to choose between a Front/Back or Top/Bottom orientation with that HS.

    Get yourself the dimensions of the HS and the RAM cooler, then make some paper cutouts of them and see if they'll both fit on your motherboard.
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