Advice on stableizing 955 at 3.6ghz

I decided to start from scratch and seem to have my PII 955 BE stable 3.4ghz with everything on stock bar the muliplier of course, the problem is my machine always seems to restart after about 2 hrs of prime when i try for 3.6ghz, could i have some advice on some settings to try and keep it stable, when i tried before i set the cpu vcore to 1.4 and upped the cpu-nb from 2000mhz to 2200mhz thats it.

Would really appreciate your advice

Many Thanks
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  1. can you post all of your spec's?
  2. o yea sorry that would help wouldn't it lol

    Antec 1200, ASUS M4A785D-M PRO 785G, Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition 3.20GHz, Asus 5850, Prolimatech Megahalems Performance CPU Cooler/2x Apache Fans Push & Pull, Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2 800MHz Ram, Antec TruePower New Blue Modular 750W Power Supply
  3. First off did you manually set your RAM timings/frequency/voltage ??
  4. I have not changed anything in the bios at all everything is set to auto mate
  5. This is what i have done and it resulted in my machine posting an error message that i could not make out. I went into the bios and changed my memory clock value to manual and set it to 533mhz which with ddr2 ram should then give me 1066mhz, there is no where in my bios where i can change the fsb : dram ratio tho. Then i get the option to set my dram timing mode to auto or dct 0 or dct1 or both, i set it to both and then changed TCL to 5 TRCD to 5 TRP to 5 TRAS to 15, i then also set the voltage to 2.2v which the kingston memory states, but for some reason i just got the error message and my computer froze what am i doing wrong?

    The only thing i can think is my motherboard states if i run my memory at 1066mhz i can only have 1 stick per channel i have both my sticks in slot 3&4 on the board which are the same colour and according to cpuz is running in dual channel mode, the strange thing is in the manual it states that channel A is dimm A1 and dimm A2 which according to the motherboard manual diagram is slot 1&3 going from left to right and channel B is dimm B1& dimm B2 which shows again on the diagram as slot 2&4, as i stated my memory is in slot 3&4 which going by the manual would be dimm a2 and dimm b2 which would not be a channel if you see wat i mean

    i am really confused by this so if some could help me out id be so gratefull.
  6. Ok look, it seems you have no clue as to what you are doing. You cannot leave your values on AUTO and expect the PC to pull a miracle, it doesn't work that way. Follow these steps and you should be good.

    Change your frequency to 400 which is actually 800Mhz DDR2. 533 is not going to work unless you loosen the timings.

    Make sure your timings are keyed in correctly and voltage at whatever is specified by the manufacturer.

    Give the CPU 1.45v, the NB 1.3v, the SB 1.25v, the CPU-NB 1.25v, the HT 1.25v, make sure Cool n Quiet and C1E are disabled. The HT link should be set at 2000Mhz and if you have a CPU/NB frequency also make sure it is at 2000Mhz

    Raise the CPU multiplier to x18 press F10+Enter and you are done.

    Check the temps and let me know the outcome.
  7. Thanks so much for that mate im very grateful i will give it a go and report back, i am kinda new to OC and just trying to learn quickly and you have really helped thanks a mill
  8. My pleasure buddy, if you want to make things easier, send me a private message.
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