I7-930 overclock, ram issue

please help overclock i7-930, yes i have read that post. when i overclock my CPU i can't put my ram speed higher than 1067. and i want to run it at 1600 is that possible??
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  1. Quote:

    Set you DIMM to 1.60 v anf you RAM at 1600Mhz. Later, set you r Vcore to 1.65 v.

    If that does not work, I can find someone to help.

    NOTE: I am not reeponsible for any damage or loss of any hardware of anhting a a matter of fact.

    cpu vcore to 1.65?? that is too much :)
  2. 1.65? DO NOT set that voltage for your CPU

    Intel spec maxes a 1.375; that is the highest they guarantee the proc will be safe at.
    1.65 is ridiculously high, even if you have LN2 you will fry the chip
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