How to format a windows vista hard drive from dos

Hello, i am unable to format my Hard drive. Laptop crashed. It will not load the OEM recovery console using F11. I have the OEM recovery disk, but i get a Blue Screen with a white arrow curser after it displays "Loading Windows files. Tried to delete and format the HD but when i reboot, both partitions are still there. I need to know how to format the HD from Dos or if i was to purchase a new HD, it the Recovery CD will work on that new HD. Any idea? I hope and to not receive opposite opinions on this matter :)
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  1. Using DOS to format a modern drive is a bad idea you can very easily ruin it. Find any copy of XP that is SP2 or latter even if it is pirated it can still format the drive. By the way what do you mean by crash? Did you drop the laptop or was it jarred like falling from the couch or the recliner onto the floor?
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