HP Pavilion zv6000 wont boot into safe mode or with recovery disk

I have an HP Pavilion zv6000 that won't boot up. After the HP screen that says change boot order, enter setup, etc. it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner and won't do anything else or respond in any way. I can still access the BIOS and have tried changing the boot order to CD first and trying my windows installation/recovery CD. I also made a bootable drive image of DSL or damn small linux and tried to boot from that with and without the hard drive installed with the same result. I know that my copy of DSL works because my PC will boot up with it fine. I tried resetting my BIOS to factory defaults. I also am unable to boot in to safe mode. I was under the impression that DSL would allow me to boot without a hardrive at all so I guess this rules out the possibillity that my hard drive is at fault if it wont boot w/the hd out of the machine. I've searched for ways to clear the CMOS and haven't had any luck. I tried removing the battery for a couple days... Unplugging and holding the power button for 30 seconds w/out the battery... Holding the insert key while re-booting... I hate to buy a new hd for it and still have the same problems... Could it be bad memory? Should I pull out the only memory stick and try a boot? Anyone know what to try next?
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  1. It could be bad memory, or it could be an expansion card which needs to be reseated. Try reseating the memory and all cards. If that does not work pull out the memory and all cards. If you get a series of beeps then put the memory in and retest, then put in one card at a time.

    Post your results and we will go from there.
  2. Thanks for your help! Okay pulled out memory and no change with or without memory. No beeps just the HP screen and then black screen, blinking cursor... Also I am not aware of any other cards installed. I didn't install any and there are no other access panels other than the hd and battery cover...
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    Most laptops have a removable mini-PCI card for the wireless adapter, but that is often in with the memory. If you do not get any response then you likely have a hardware problem that will require factory repair or you can just buy a new laptop. If you have files on your old hard drive purchase an external drive enclosure, mount your drive into it, copy the files to your new laptop, then format the drive and use it for backups.
  4. I did try disabling the wireless adapter within the BIOS with no change. I actually did recover most of the files with a USB to IDE adapter. The drive did act a little strange when hooked up this way. One minute my files would be there and the next they were gone. Upon disconnecting and reconnection of the USB cable they would all be restored??? I was able to copy them on to my PC. But, I was sure I'd be able to run DSL right from the CD image and without my HD installed at all but to no avail. Still that damn blinking cursor... I'm haunted by it. It seems as though I've exhausted all variables as it must be a problem in the MOBO itself...? I would still like to hear any suggestions though from anyone who may have had a similar problem. Thank You!
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