Core 2 Quad Q9400 or Q9450 Which one better

Q9400 have a L2 Cache just 6MB
And Q9450 have a L2 Cache just 12MB ?

I'm going to build my computer to gaming , I just want your HELP :bounce:

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  1. Bewteen those two the Q9450 is the better chip.
  2. If you're going to OC, then the Q9400 for its R0 stepping. If you're not going to OC, then the Q9450 for its larger cache. IMO, if you want a Core 2 Quad, the Q6600 is the best value if you OC, and then after that the Q9550.

    You sure you need a quad for gaming? If you want good value for gaming and can OC high, then why not consider the E7500 or E7400 (both with R0 stepping)?
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