X2 555 unlocked (all cores) heat issues

I've had my unlocked X2 555 running with the stock heat sink for a few weeks now without any real heat issues. Unfortunately, that's changed, it's spring time now and that means the weather is warmer (75F right now) and so is my CPU. After exiting from a session of Counter-Strike Source, I noticed my CPU fan running louder than usual. I went into the bios and found it spinning pretty hard, fluctuating to about 4600 RPM max, while my CPU temp reached a high of 49C. I do believe that I'm going to need an aftermarket cooler. Should I be worried right now? If so, can someone recommend a good aftermarket CPU cooler that isn't too monstrous and that will be compatible with my AM3 motherboard (Asus M4A785TD-M EVO to be exact).
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  1. Welcome to THG =)

    You do not need an aftermarket cooler if you are going to leave the CPU at 3.2Ghz, as long as the CPU does not hit 60c you will be fine. However if you do decide that 3.2Ghz is not fast enough then yes you will need to invest in an aftermarket cooler.
  2. Well, I might overclock it someday down the road. I mean, it is a Phenom after all. Even if I'm not ready to overclock, it would be nice to have an aftermarket cooler to keep things quieter and cooler. I just need something that is effective and reliable while fitting nicely inside my Gateway GT5644E case.
  3. If you do decide on a cooler i would recommend this one :

    Scythe SCKTN-3000 92mm Sleeve "KATANA3"
  4. 50c is fine.

    you don't need an aftermarket HSF until you start OCing.
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    When you get bit bit north of 60C running Prime 95 small ffts for 10 minutes using what other will recommend for an AMD chip (I'm intel). Over 62C under testing loads is the limit I read. I just can't say what proggy you need to use to measure accurate temps with AMD. Running a game or looking at the bios reading means little.

    I do know we don't trust the Bios or mobo sensors. They suck. Manufact don't put a lot of money into that and don't take the time to release specs.

    Hopefully an AMD expert will chime in and give you input.

    If not, try OC Forums, the AMD forum is decently active.
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