How to keep a pc cool when in a cabinet

okay guys so you know how a computer desk has that space for the pc to fit, well i got good cooling for my pc its just that my cabinet has a door and it closes so what happens is all the air gets trapped inside where the pc is at, very little escapes, unless i keep it opened, is there any thing i could do to move the air out somehow? , i could take the pc out and have it sit somewhere else but the spot where its at now is perfect, or maybe i should take the door of the cabinet any ideas?
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  1. Taking the door off would work. If you want to keep the aesthetics you could look into taking the back panel off and keep the door on. This may or may not be trivial depending on your desk. Long story short is that your going to have to figure out some way to get a little ventilation.
  2. alrite thanks, yeah thats what i was thinking
  3. Cut holes in the back, mesh in front. Like a speaker. Get the 200-250mm fans that run on 12VDC, make the wire longer, buy a PCI slot molex connector, solder wire etc. Hook it up to your PSU.

    Quiet, pulls hot air out.

    Not uncommon with high end stereo custom cabinets.
  4. lol thanks i went wit the easy way just took of my door cabinet but now that u mentioned maybe to cover the hole up ima make a mesh cover. it shud look nice
  5. In addition to removing the cabinet door you may want to consider an opening in the rear of the cabinet. The typical airflow for a pc is from the bottom/front to the top rear. The warm air exhausting out of the top/rear of the pc needs to be removed from the cabinet.
  6. yes and i do have the back opened its just that my desk is against the wall so either way some air escapes but with the door closed it would get trapped, but thanks for all the ideas and im really thinking about making a mesh cover door, this way it will look nice and also have good ventilation.
  7. I'm considering using water cooling and have the pump and radiator in the basement just under the cabinet.
  8. Even better, make a external box holding a DVD, card reader, reset and power buttons, put that on your desk. And put the whole PC under the floor. No fan noise at all.
  9. yeh thats nice to
  10. I think my only concern would be trying to run a long SATA cable for the DVD drive. Any other problems?

    Keyboard/mouse? Blutooth would run the 6-8 feet but how about through the floor? Maybe the receiver would need to be up in the cabinet.

    Multiple USB. Probably just run a large powered hub in the cabinet for that too.

    Thanks for the idea, it sounds a lot cheaper than buying a water cooling system.

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