My laptop is a hard disk killer!! Is it possible?

I have a 3 year old Toshiba satellite laptop that appears to be killing each hard drive that i put into it. The original harddrive lasted 3 years and within the last two months I have replaced it with Toshiba harddrives that die - one lasted a month, the 2nd a week, and the third two weeks. The fan appears to be working fine and when I first installed the drives everything was excellent until i get the message, when i first turn it on, that a hard disk failure is imminent. I run the diagnostic check that comes up after that and it freezes at about 67%. Is it possible that something in my laptop is killing the drives? The only thing I've downloaded to my computer is Allods, a free online game, but I haven't heard of any problems related to that, and other than playing that game I don't do much with it other than surfing the web. I consistently use CCleaner and the registry cleaner. Could it be that something in my computer is making the drives die? 3 drives in two months or is Toshiba selling crap through Fry's? Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. I would suspect a heat problem. Try using a utility like "DiskCheckup" to look at the drive's SMART data to see what the drive's temperature is.
  2. Thank you Addict. Unfortunately, I'm not able to turn on the computer now and tried to erase the harddisk and reload the system but all I get is an error now. Luckily I bought a warranty which will replace the drive with a new one. I will do that and do the diskcheckup once i install it. The fan seems to be working properly but it does seem to be kind of slow, so maybe the fan is getting screwed up. Thanks for your input!
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