Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB Fried

Hi all,

First off my 9800 Pro fried the other day. So before it completely went I went to newegg and ordered a GeForce FX 5200 to use in the mean time. Received the 5200 installed it and it works. Only problem I am not that statisfied with it compared to my 9800 pro and yes I know its a lower end card. So I went on and ordered a X1550 AGP8x since it seemed a little more compreable to the 9800. Now I installed that and got a blank screen at bootup. Computer boots up but no display. So I did a llittle research and found taht might PSU was underpowered only had a 250W so I upgraded to 650W and tried to drop the X1550 back in still no screen.

Now the only thing I can find as to might be the problem is that my AGP slot isnt the 3.0 version since the X1550 is. I beleive the 9800 Pro was 4x/8X. Now I've also read that certain cards wont fit in the AGP slots yet the 1550 fits just fine with no force at all. I can not for the life of me figure out what is going on.

PC specs
Dell 4600 P4 2.4 GHX
2 GB of ram

1 AGP slot
3 PCI slot
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  1. Sounds like you need a bios flash to me. AGP X4 and X8 are the same slot only the bandwidth are different. AGP X2 is a different slot with lower bandwidth and power. What games are you playing ? Because none of the mentioned cards are good for modern gaming but again its fast enough for your processor.
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