1680X1050 Resolution Problems

About five days ago, the native 1680X1050 resolution disapperared from the Display Settings program and the Nvidia Control Panel program. This resolution has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I have contacted Viewsonic (still waiting for an answer), Nvidia, System Restore and I have googled a kinds of forums to see of this is normal occurrence. Apparently it is...is there a fix...apparently not, at least not an easy fix.

But why would it happen?

I purchased the Viewsonic VX2245WM and a Nvidia 8800GT 512 meg video card both purchased about one year ago. Both have worked flawlessly until five days ago. I can only set the monitor resolution at 1440X900 or 1600X1200...no 1680X1050 anymore.

Nvidia suggested I go through a series of step by step instructions and I did, with no change.

My computer (Core 2 Quad, 3 GB Ram, 700 Watt PS, Vista Home Preminum 32 bit) only recognizes the monitor as a generic plug and play monitor. Perhaps that is the only driver Viewsonic has created??? I tried to find a driver update but it seems that the current driver (dated 2006) is the only one?

What can Viewsonic suggest to fix this problem?

By the way, when I create the resolution manually in the NV Control Panel, the notice that asks me if this resolution is good (I can see the 1680X1050 in the background), after clicking yes, the monitor reverts back to 1440X900. As well, in 1600X1200 modem there are two black bands at the top and bottm of the monitor.

So help me! I want my native resolution capability back. Any suggestions?
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  1. I posted an answer to this a long time ago and can't remember exactly how to explain it now though. You have to go into the nvidia control panel and set it to run as a tv. ( custom res I think. You have to "force" it ) It has something with setting it to DMT and then testing it. Sorry I can't be of more help. This was under xp. vista is different.

    Think about what changes you may have made to your hardware or software and try and reverse it.

    Have you done a Microsoft update lately ? There may be something there that might help.

    These are probably all useless but try it.

    generic plug and play......... mine too. no worries.

    Did you open up the monitors menu and try and work with that ? Might take care of the black banding thing.
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