OC'ing a non-reference 5870

Righto folks

I have a Gigabyte non-reference 5870 which is this model :



I can't seem to adjust the voltage as this is a non-reference design. I was able to reach 940-950 Mhz core clock stable with MSI Afterburner though. I also checked that many people use the Asus ATI Flash, but this will not apply to my card as it's once again, non reference.

I was reading on radeon bios editor and wondered if this will help me by softmodding my volt. I haven't tried it yet so I'm asking here if anyone has experienced OC'ing a non-reference 5870.

My aim is to reach 1000 Mhz core clock stable.
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  1. did you unlink the voltage control in Afterburner?
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