Want to build a photo editing machine advise please

Hi everyone,
I am a photographer www.LaModaStudio.com . I normally shoot 1,000-2,000 hight res raw images on a shoot. I want to use this machine with CS4 and Lightroom to edit photos. I have been a mac user for many years and was thinking of purchasing a dual quad mac pro. I am sick of paying the mac tax so I want to switch to pc for my editing.
Can someone please recommend a hardware list. New egg link would be great. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd think a high quality monitor would be more important than processing power. but I assume you are set there

    the mac pro is a dual quad zeon. hard to mach that raw processing power in a desktop, but the ati 2600 graphics is a joke. thats midrange laptop quality

    I'd get an i7 intel w/ 6 gigs and a 512mb ati 4850, possibly a 1 gig 4870. A 4670 at the least.
    you migh be down a bit on raw precessing power (depending on how moch money you blow), but have much better memory throughput and graphics

    remember your CS4 Mac license wont transfer over to Windows, so you'll have to repurchase your software license.
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