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Hello. I am looking to create a system image of my hard drive because it seems to be reporting read/write errors when I do a diagnostic. It has also been running slower and noisier after I repartiioned the drive. I was looking to reformat the drive and then restore the data using the system image. I understand that imaging takes an exact copy of the drive. If you then restore using system image after formatting the hard drive are you then restoring the errors as well?
Also, I tried to format the drive using the windows 7 boot cd. When it got to the hard drives information page it would not give me access to perform a format on the Windows system drive. I have another HDD and that can be formatted no problem.
Any help appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Depending on the errors in the HDD, they will not go away from a simple format. It is usually a physical issue, so formatting and putting some "stress" on the Drive, by restoring all of your information back on it, may cause failure.

    As for the imaging; I asked the same question, but with no answers, so I am unable to help you with that.
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