I7 920 and rampage II extreme OC questions

I have a few questions i've written down from my recent OC of my asus rampage II extreme motherboard with an Intel i7 920 processor. Hopefully the pro's can answer these.

I achieved a 3.9ghz stable OC on stock voltage settings. My max load temp is 64 degrees C; Norm temp is 37 degrees C. My bus speed was at 180 and multiplier at 21. I did raise processor core voltage to 1.3v and also uncore voltage to 1.3v; kept cpu pll voltage at 1.8v. Got to a 4ghz OC with a bus speed of 190 and temps raised to 80 degrees C under full load but did not test any farther.

I have a few questions branched from this OC:

1. First off, when testing using Prime95, should i use small ffts, large ffts or blend? I do know blend is more for ram, i've read a lot of controversy over which is better for oc stability testing; small or large ffts.

2. When increasing voltage and temps will this will cause my processor to die faster even withing safe temps (80 Degrees). How much faster will this cause my processor to die? I'm wondering if the added voltage and increase in the OC would be worth the years shaved off? I bet i could easily get to 4.2v w/this chip. I ask because the last pc i bought was 7 years ago; and it still works great!

3. Is the 21x multiplier is unlocked in a rampage II extreme? Can anyone confirm this? And if this is the case, when i set the multiplier to 21x does it even matter if turbomode is on?

4. I have been using Everest, CPU-z, prime95, and intel burn test. I run intel burn test on max, and auto on threads and for 10 passes; dont know if this is correct. Also i have been wondering where i can find the total power in watts the computer is pulling?This would help me confirm unlocked 21x multiplier.

*edit* i'm a little confused on which settings in my bios turn the turbo mode on/off. I'd like to keep it enabled bc i hardly will ever have 100% load on my cpu but i think with setting the voltage and multiplier to 21x that turbo mode is unable to throttle the performance down when idle.
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  2. I have:Intel
    i7 920 processor
    Radeon HD 5850
    Asus Rampage II extreme
    OCZ 2Gx3gb OCZ3P1600LV6GK
    Corsair TX 850W
    Samsung HD 500G|SAMSUNG HD502H

    My stepping is 5D0 and i knew i could tweak turbo mode in the bios

    Thanks for clearing up the unlocked multiplier there jon; is there anyway i can keep the multiplier at 21x and also enable c1e to drop the voltage when idle? I tried this once but enabling c1e brought my cpu voltage up to like 1.4-1.5v which brought my temps way up in the 80 degree Celsius range.

    As of right now; i can get my multiplier to 21x; bclk to 185; nb to 2970mhz; qpi- 3340mhz and core speed to 3895mhz stable. I'd like to raise bckl to 200; lower the multiplier to 20x as this will have my memory right around 1600mhz. The NB speed will be 3207mhz, qpi- 3608mhz and core speed up to a whopping 4ghz.

    For some reason when booting the pc while messing with different multipliers and bclk frequencies my ram seems to not detect 2gb of the 6gb installed; either of you two hear of something like that?

    I'm wanting to know what my bottleneck is at 200bclk, i think its the NB frequency as the ram isn't over spec I mean which OC is better; a 190 bclk 20x multiplier or 200bclk w/ 19x multiplier, or the most stable for me so far...181 bclk w/21x multiplier? All of which has the same core speeds @ around 3.8ghz <-- This has got me the most confused.

    Any ideas?

    *edit* Just wondering.. How much would 1.3v 24/7 diminish the life of this cpu?
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    The multi is not unlocked with that cpu it doesn't matter what board you have. Do you get bsod if you try to lower the vcore get the cpu volts as low as you can and be stable and only run stressing programs no more than 8hrs.
  5. This is kind of an old post but in my bios i can set the mutl to 21x..cpu-z and cpu-tweaker confirm this. Either way i have since RMA'd that chip. Thanks!
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  7. Well thanks if you have any future questions pplease feel free to ask me.
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