New build. E8400 + 8800GTS 3dmark06 9487. Low???

Hi I just finished putting together an interim build (waiting on i7 prices to come down) and I am curious if and why my 3dmark06 score is so low? Here are the specifics:

SM2.0: 4346

HDR/SM3.0: 4991

CPU: 1842

Set up:
Asus P5N-D 750i bios 801
E8400 3.0ghz
8800gts 512mb (newest driver)
2gb gskil ddr2 800
Vista 32bit SP1

I seem to see a lot of people with a e8400 and an 8800gt(s) getting around 12000 or so. I got better scores with a 2.6ghz amd dual core and a asus 570 mobo. So what gives with my setup? Do I need to overclock to see a post 10000 score?
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  1. I got a similar build, but with a P35 board, 4GB of RAM and Vista64 and I haven't benchmarked my build for a while, but when I first built it (back in march), I scored over 12K without any modifications or OC.
    SM2: 5786

    I know my GPU is factory overclocked (EVGA), but not by that much so the difference shouldn't that high. Any software (AV, ...) running in the background when you tested?
  2. Nothing running at all. I have checked the Bios and AI suite and it looks like my proc is only running at 2.0ghz. In the bios it says 3.0ghz for the proc but indicates its running at 2.0. It has a multiplier of 6x.333 and an FSB of 1333.

    I put the proc under load and it never went above 2.0ghz. Why is this? Did I get the wrong bios (comp told me at first boot I needed a new bios to unleash the full potential of the e8400 and I went to ASUS's website and flashed the 801 bios)?
  3. im looking at your board spec and seems nice. similar to my board but newest nForce.

    and ive found this result when searching for vista 32bit + 8800gts 512mb + 750i mobo + 8400proc

    and this guyz have about the same as you....

    Zenthar, you sure your result was Vantage ? and not 3dmark06 ?
  4. be sure to disable any Energy efficiency thing in your bios, maybe its just that ...
  5. Update!

    Bios says cpu speed
    = 2.0ghz

    Disabled the C1e in cpu configuration.

    Changed the multiplier to 9x.333

    AIsuite now is showing the cpu running at 3.0ghz with a temp of 46c

    Is this a safe temp?
  6. after the change my news scores in 3dmark06

    SM2.0: 5915

    HDR/SM3.0: 5694

    CPU: 2760

    total: 12450
  7. idle ? maybe, but i think your LOAD speed going to be to hot .. be carefull, use coretemp to watch your temp in windows

    edit1: you have the stock cooler ?

    Edit2:nice to see this score ;)
  8. Arctic cooler 7 is the cpu cooler. I have heard that P5N-D mobos with e8400 cpus run hot but that they register 15 degrees more than what the temperature actually is. Any advice?
  9. i have a P5N based mobo. and core temp is RIGHT NOW showing 33-34c.

    if you look at this page, our Proc are identical (6mb cache vs 4mb cache and your have a 45nm proc) SAME speed, same FSB. are you sure your cooler is properly installed ?

    IM OCed and my temp are lower then your STOCK temp ... i only have a MyniTyphoon as cooler ...
  10. Well if by installed you mean attached to the board so tight that I am afraid to remove it. Seriously I installed one of these Arctic Coolers before and the 4 prong pushdown thingies are a nightmare. They will completely break off if I attempt to uninstall the heatsink. Horrible design if you ask me but then all Intel heatsinks seem to use this design now.

    If I touch my heatsink it feels like it is sitting at room temperature. The CPU, even at full load, never goes above 62C. So it is a 10 degree difference between full load and idle.
  11. if its a 10 between idle and full, i think your ok. but its stil very hot for an idle temp ;)
  12. boulard83 said:
    Zenthar, you sure your result was Vantage ? and not 3dmark06 ?
    3DMark06 since the OP indicated 3dMark06 score, no point comparing score of different 3DMark products ;) Each time a new 3DMark comes out, it's normally an e-peen emasculation because the score goes from 12K+ to ~3K lol.

    BTW, for the temps they might be high for some people, but are far from damageable.
  13. yup ! +1
  14. Yep, all my gaming rigs idle in the low to mid 30's range. My Q6600 rig has a freezer pro7 and it idles at under 40c. An E8400 should run even cooler with the 45nm architecture. Are you sure its seated correctly, and the fan is facing the right way?
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