Problems with ATI HD 4850

Windows XP SP3
ECS A780GM-A Black Series
AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition
2X2gb 1066 Ram
Sapphire ATI HD 4850

I just bought a ATI HD 4850 512mb about a month ago. I was just playing L4D earlier and then afterward I don't quite remember what I did but I tried to play another game and it said something like my hardware or software is not functioning right. I uninstalled the driver for it and tried to reinstall, but when I tried to reinstall it wouldn't let me saying 'its unable to find component'
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  1. use the uninstall feature in add/remove programs called ATI software uninstall utility. then install the drivers, however be careful with the 8.12, since I got severe instability/BSOD because of the driver. It should work after uninstall and reinstall.
  2. Didn't work I've tried it.

    Is it possible that my onboard video chipset could effect it? My Motherboard has HD 3200, when I use the uninstall utility I only uninstalled everything except my chipset
  3. its worth a shot, might help, might not.

    try loading up safemode to assist when your removing drivers, also give drive sweeper a go.
  4. I don't know how to do the safemode.

    I just did a drive sweep and tried to install my chipset, my 4850 is current off. it's still giving the same problem.
  5. Yep sounds like the drivers didnt uninstall properly. Make sure you have the drivers you want to use saved somewhere my documents or on the desktop is fine.
    1. Run ATI Catalyst Uninstall Utility
    2. Go to Add Remove and uninstall any ATI referance that is there
    3. Go to my computer and open the main drive, Again if there is an ATI folder delete it
    4. Go to programe files, again my computer/ main drive, and delete any ATI folders.
    5. Restart the computer and when the new hardware wizard comes up just shut it. You may at this point want to reset the display to something your more used to as its possable that it will boot at 800x600
    6. Go to where you have the new drivers saved and run the install program.
    7. Reboot the computer, you may have to resize again but that should be about it.

    Hope it helps.

  6. Whoa hang on you just said Chipset thats the Motherboard drivers you are talking about there ? Your not trying to install chipset drivers on a Graphics card are you ? In the Bios you should have the option to disable the onboard graphics. You will need to do this if the addition of the add in card dosent automatically disable it. You didnt need to uninstall the onboard graphics in the first place if thats what you did, just disabling it would have done the trick.

  7. or use driversweeper.

    ouch you have SP3 :lol: i told windows update to never dl it..
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