WD Passport portable hardisk keeps disconnecting

Hi, I need your help to resolve this issue. My WD Passport keeps connecting and disconnecting from my PC. However if I plug the hardisk to another Desktop or notebook it works fine. I thought there is a problem with my PC , I tried to plug in other WD Passport hardisk to my PC and it works fine. I have tried searching around for how to resolve the issue but unfortunately no one has encounter the same issue as I did.
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  1. inferno17x said:
    unfortunately no one has encounter the same issue as I did.

    I have exactly the same issue.
    The drive simply disconnects, often at random times, but more often just as I am about to access it and have just clicked on "My Computer" in Win Explorer

    It usualy reconnects again after a few minutes or I can force it by pulling the USB plug.

    I even bought a special power lead with dual USB plugs on it as I had read that the Passport asks for more supply current than is 'legal' from a single USB port, but it made no difference.

    Very irritating
  2. I found out that if I plug into another PC it is working fine it could be due to my PC i think.
    But strange is that if I plug other WD passport into my PC it works fine.
  3. Same problem here. I am using Toshiba laptop win7 64bit. My WD external HD had disconnected after very few seconds when I plugged in to my laptop. This problem with my External HD does not exist when I bought it last 2 months ago. I assure that it is well taken care off. Now, I am very disappointed and about to loose trust on "WESTERN DIGEST EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE" when this problem won't be solved. I have loaded it with very important documents (that's the purposed why I bought it). Does anyone from WD External HD technicians respond on this issue? HOPING FOR REPLY... THANKS!
  4. I'm having the same issue. my computer is brand new as of two days ago... very frrustrating. is there no solution?

    You all can thank Ayssl3 for this fix.

    1) Went to Control Panel

    2) Change view by to Small icons (View by is in the top right corner)

    3)Go to Power Options

    4)Then Click "Change plan settings" for the power plan you are using (text is in blue)

    5)Then Click "Change advanced power settings" (text is in blue)

    6)Then another window will pop-up. Scroll down and look for "USB settings"

    7)If you click the little plus on left of USB settings, "USB selective suspend setting" will appear

    8)Press the little plus next to "USB selective suspend setting" as well and "On battery:" and "Plugged in:" will appear

    9)It should say DISABLED so switch it to DISABLED for both "On battery" and "Plugged in"

    10)Then press Apply and then OK (Unless you want to configure other plans as well.

    11) If you want to configure other plans that you use, leave that window open and Click the down arrow next to whatever plan you are active on (it will say something like this: Power4Gear Entertainment [Active] ^). If you click the down arrow next to that other plans will drop down. Just click whichever ones you use and set them to DISABLE.

    Switching it to Disabled will solve the problem.
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