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Im on a dell dimension 3100 with windows xp home edtion and here resently i have been bombarded with problems on boot boot up it takes a minute to load . when i go online via firefox or IE runs for about 30 minutes or so before i lose all network activity, and wont renew my ip address i have tried another forum post here to resolve the issue " " I was following it as stated til i got to Remote Procedure Call (RPC) I am not able to start it nor am i able to stop , pause or resume it & in Path to executable i have (C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k rpcss ) in processes , the process svchost.exe runs between 147k to 245k was other problems i have is the my theme changes to classic view on its on i sometimes able to change it back other times i have to reboot before i am able to , i have run Avira antivir which it found 6 problmes 1. JAVA/Exdoer.BE.2 JAVA virus.. 2.Adware Adware/WhiteSm.awp.. 3.TR/Adclicker.Q.5 Trojan..X's 3 on the trojan. I have them in Quarantine and upon last scan aprl 28th says no viruses but still have all the semptoms of viruses if you guys could give your expertize to help me resolve these problems i would greatly appreciate it My kids will also they are grounded til its resovled were warned about some of the places they travel on here but do not listen Thanks guys for any and all help P.s the broad spectrum of this problem i didnt know where to post it.
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  1. have you tried running Malewarebytes in Save Mode with Network?
  2. Yes Malewarebytes didnt pick any of them up " I have those Files in Quarantine, Thanks to Avira AntiVir But still have all the problems i mentioned
  3. i would just reformatt but not able to Tried 3 xp setup dsk but Inf file missing or corrupt not letting me
  4. Sounds a lot like Spyware. Have you tried Spybot SD. I have had nothing success with it on all of my computers.
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