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I've recently been ocing my i7 920 rig and have come across a few questions over this turbo mode. First, if i manually set voltages and the max multiplier to 21x will this cause turbo mode to be unable to throttle down when idle? Also with the newest bios update for the rampage II extreme, i'm a little confused on which settings actually turn turbo mode on/off. Can someone please help me?
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    IF you want to Oc you Have to turn turbo mode off to prevent problems. If you are using a newer gigabyte Mobo It will Use the eist function to save you Electricity. Read up on your processor and the turbo mode at the intel website. unless im mistaken turbo mode only throttles up the pc under heavy load when all the parameters are right ie. temp, voltage, load...

    So do your homework. but if you are looking for a stable oc turn off turbo mode

    Good Luck :D
  2. thanks for the reply, i have since done quite a lot of research and figured this out!
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  4. Thank you. Have you Reached A stable OC? If you Have i Would like to know how far you got it.

    Congrad's :D
  5. I'm up to 4.1ghz at only 1.25v vcore, i have left everything else at auto except enabling loadline calibration. Turbo, speedstep, c1e, and HT are OFF. I'm sure i could do move by raising other voltages but i havent had much time.
  6. That is a very respectable OC... well done. Personally i wouldnt push it further as im sure your temperatures are insane! Very well done :D
  7. actually..max temp is 76°C thats with coredamage..the highest temp i could get between coredamage, prime95, intel bt, and OCCT.
  8. WOW! You Have Got one of the best chips i have ever read about...
    kick ass stuff man:D
  9. Yep, i knew it was good when i hit 3.8ghz with like no problem at all
    i can do 3.8ghz @ like 1.2v, 4ghz at 1.225, and 4.1ghz at 1.25, my temps at 3.8ghz are like low 60s
  10. Woah... That is quite something...

    Im so Jealous!:(

    Congrats man :D
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