Compaq boot up blues

I bought this compaq oldy which:-

1. Had win 2000 but with uknown password.
2. it has no socket for keaboard / mouse so used my USB one.
3. went in setup & made CDrive 1st boot.
4. prceeded to install XP, formated the HD, BUT with the USB keaboard not detected,
the install process holded saying no keaboard/mouse found.
5. The only way to proceed was to shut it down.
6. BUT on restart it says "give Set Up password", which I do not know.
7. As there is no option now to enter Set Up here , I AM TRULY STUCK.

Anybody knows how to get it back & install XP without keaboard/mouse?
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  1. Problems SOLVED so far.

    managed to get the USB mouse/keaboard to work & completed the XPsp2.

    Connected on the Net on its own.

    Its an iPack PC 700, Intel Celeron 699mhz CPU, 512 mb RAM, 9gb Maxtor HD, 6 USB sockets & CD drive.

    It should be a usefull PC at the Old Peoples Home to pass their time
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