Advice on my Christmas present?

I'm building a new gaming machine for myself. I want it to able to handle games like Fallout 3 at least at "good", and have some room to grow later on...
Components I already have:

Monitors: Dual 22" LCDs

HDD: 2x 1TB 7200 RPM -

Case: (ordered today) Antec Nine Hundred

PSU: (also ordered today) PC P&C 750W

DVD-Burner (something cheap I already have lying around the house).

Things I want:

Processor: i7 2.66 GHz <-- hoping to get a special black friday deal on this

Motherboard: Either the Asus P6T Deluxe or the MSI X58 Platinum LGA -

RAM: I had wanted 4 MB - but it looks like I have to go with 6 on the x58? And would dual channel be a good choice for gaming? What about going with 3 now and 3 more later (to save a little money) I'm not really up on the intricacies of RAM right now, so any suggestions are welcome.

Video: Asus Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5 - I plan to purchase a second one later for Crossfire

I'd like to get the remainder for under $750. I also want to make sure that I can upgrade things later, like the video and RAM if needed and possibly add a separate sound card. I don't overclock, but I am considering a watercooled system in the future, so hopefully this will be an option as well.

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. Well if you can go with 6 GB of ram now. The i7 really performs best with 6. and I doubt you're going to get a <i>deal</i> on the i7, maybe a few dollars off but money is money i guess
  2. Hrm - just noticed I forgot two components - OS and Cooler. For OS, I plan on sticking with XP until Windows 7 is standard - Vista has not impressed me with all the issues. As for the cooler - surprise me! I can live with some case noise as I generally play with headphones and my case is in a different room from where I sleep.
  3. I'd get 6 GB, you can go dual channel and have 4 GB you just won't be in tri-channel... plus you won't save a whole lot by dropping 2 gigs...

    other than that... it looks pretty good

    although... you might want a more powerful graphics card if you wanna do dual monitor gaming...
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