Is it possible to use RAID and non - RAID SATA hard drives together?

I'm having a problem as I described in another post of this forum

but I would like to ask here what are the SATA configuration possibles. I have this Rampage Formula mobo
It can be used with up to 6 SATA hard drives. In the BIOS I can choose either RAID or IDE. I can't understand from reading the manual if it is possible to use RAID configured SATA hard drives with non - RAID SATA drives. More specifically I want to use 2 SATA hard drives as a RAID 0 volume and another two SATA hard drives as regular non - RAID. Is this possible?
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    Sure, just do not add the 2 HDDs you want non-RAID to a RAID volume - they will then show as SATA, Non-RAID in the BIOS screen.
  2. He's right. While selecting volumes for RAID, just select the ones you want to RAID 0.
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