Need help: direct x


I just got my new computer last week,
And I installed warcraft 3, it worked fine

Now today I reformatted my hard drives, and installed warcraft 3 again
It says: warcraft 3 was unable to initialize directx. Please ensure you have 8.1 or higher and that your display drivers are current.

Well, when I go to dxdiag, it tells me: Direct-X version: DirectX 10

Thats 8.1 or higher right??

Or is there something wrong with my drivers??

I don't know anything about drivers I just reinstalled my vista and formated my drives, so I don't know what happened

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  1. Your graphics card will work without drivers but to work properly they need a bunch of code called drivers. These drivers would have presumably been on the hard drive you formatted. You can get new ones from the web site of which ever company your card is from ATI or Nvidia

  2. Install discs are, by nature, outdated, so first use Windows update to bring Vista up to date then update DX here;

    Then update your video drivers using either the ATI or Nvidia sites before finally ensuring Warcraft is fully patched and up to date.

    Yes, you`ve probably done all this but these are the most common problems, and fixes.
  3. I updated vista,direct x and my videocard drivers,
    The game is working etc
    But a few more problems:
    I have no sound at all, my internet is very slow

  4. go to device manager and see if there are any error messages. Most likely, you need to go to your mobo manufacturers website and download the onboard sound drivers and ethernet drivers. that is, assuming that you have everything plugged in right and nothing is broken
  5. Is that sarcasm;)
    It`s possible you have not reinstalled your motherboard drivers either, most modern MBs` have onboard sound (needs driver) and a NIC (Network Interface Controller) that connects to the `net (also needs driver). You may find these drivers on a disc which came with the new computer, if not, best bet is to try Tech Support.
    Tell us if this is store bought or a homebuild, can you?
  6. store bought, I got a lot of disks with it
    -one version of windows vista home premium edition
    -microsoft works 9.0
    -and one apllication and support disc: bundle software not for resale

    That are the 3 discs I got

    Also, I don't know what brand my motherboard is, I suppose I low-quality one

    How do I see it??
  7. I installed some stupid thing called drivermax, and It said all my drivers are updated, but probably they aren't..
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