How much voltage is too much?

So I am currently testing out my new Athlon 635 processor that I got at a screaming price, and am trying to see what it can do. I got it up to 3.3 on stock voltage (1.35v) but I need to bump up the voltage to 1.4v to get anything more than that.

My question -- is 1.4 too much, and, if not, what is? Would like to hear from those with similar CPUs to see what they are running at and what the max. voltages are that are "long term stable" and don't significantly affect the life of the CPU?

My setup:

Asus M4A79 Deluxe
4GB OCZ reaper 1066 ram
2x4850 in xfire

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  1. Are you stress testing using prime95/linx? What heatsink? Temps under load? 1.4 is fine as long as your temps aren't out of control.
  2. I am testing using OCCT for one hour. My temps under load are in the low 40's using an aftermarket cooler.

    I am still testing to see how far it can go -- 3.3 was doable at 1.35, needed 1.4 to get to 3.45, at 1.425 right now and testing 3.6.

    How far can I bump the voltage without (significantly) affecting the life of the CPU?
  3. scratch that -- now up to 1.45 and testing 3.6
  4. I would keep it under 1.5v or 1.45v to be on the safe side. (Although I've seen ppl use up to 1.7v lol) You won't affect the life of the cpu as long as your temps are under 65C. Your temps are in the low 40s under load? I would download prime95 and Intelburntest. Linx(intelburntest) is good for quick stressing results and puts the temps higher than any other stressing program.
  5. Low 40's under full load (ambient is at about 17) but I will download the other testing software and let you know.
  6. Da*N nice ambients :P I wish mine was that low. Are you in Canada or something?
  7. SF Bay area. For now the ambients will be low but they will be getting up to 25 in the summer.

    Running prime95 and it is stable at 3.6 and 1.45v. Funny thing is that it failed the OCCT test but is running fine under prime95. How weird is that?

    Temp under load are ranging from 44 up to 47 for all 4 cores. How long should I let the test go before i kick it up a notch?
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    If OCCT fails it's not stable at those volts. Prime95 takes a while to assume its stable..I would run it for 5-6 hours on the blend test.

    Intelburn test is a good quick way just to do 5-10 runs if your still trying to push your processor. I have a feeling your almost at the wall of that chip without upping the volts a lot.
  9. I seemed to have found a sweet spot at 3.47 and 1.4v where Prime ran for over an hour. I will try to run it tonight for six hours as you suggest just to make sure its stable.

    I was also able to run it for 60 mins at 3.59@1.45v, and at 3.72@1.5v, but is the extra performance worth the voltage cost? I didn't try anything over 1.5v.
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  11. Stable overnight at 3.47 and 1.4v. Thanks for your help.
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