Does this look like a faulty GTX260? (Pic)

I was playing CoD4 and this happened;

This is on a brand new build and I have had similar problems happen a few days ago on Crysis.
The screen just went a very distorted pink colour and I could just about see the game in the background, then the screen went black and the PC restarted.... :pfff:

I think the RAM is also faulty because it's failing memtest86 - could a RAM issue cause those distorted graphics or does it definitely look like the GPU?
It's a pre-overclocked EVGA with the highest factory overclocked GTX260 AFAIK, so I suspect it can't handle it's pre-OC.
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  1. Either that or you have a driver issue.
  2. It just happened again, this time the sound looped and the colour was different. :??:

  3. I take it by RAM you mean system, not graphics card memory?
    If so, then yes, it`s the likely culprit. Try running memtest with just one memory module installed at a time and see if one fails the test, if it does, that`s your anwser.
  4. those symptoms point to memory as the culprit, see what happens if you increase the memory voltage a little and loosen the timings...
    It is possible that the bios has defaulted to values that don't quite work with your rams, use the manufacturer specified values instead.

    or you might have modules that are just plain faulty but it's worth a try anyways... doesn't cost you anything and it's pretty quick fix...
  5. yeah most high performance RAM won't default to the proper voltage.

    go into the bios and manually set all timings and voltages to what the DIMM's are factory rated for.
  6. Thanks for the reply.

    The BIOS settings are all correct for this RAM;

    DRAM Freq; 1066MHz
    DRAM Voltage; 2.1V
    Timings; 5-5-5-18

    I went onto the OCZ forums and posted a pic of the memtest errors and the guy their said the RAM is not defective but it's something about my BIOS settings causing these errors.
    I had to disable and enabled a few things and the errors in memtest are not as common now - I think it took around 6 hours before errors started to show last night.
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