Ep45-ud3p 533 FSB stable?


I am running the gigabyte board mentioned in the title and cannot seem to get the board to post when I run it at 533mhz. I'd like to run it at that speed so it is a 1:1 ratio with my ocz platinum 1066mhz RAM. if anyone can help please email me at rythmshifter at gmail dot com
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  1. What CPU do you have and what settings are you trying to run? Please fill in the blanks

    CPU Voltage:

    I can tell you now that if you are trying to run the FSB @ 533, you're going to break something, motherboards are usually limited as to what FSB they can run, mine is capped @ 450, but all are different and i have NEVER seen 533 FSB...
  2. First, you shouldn't post your email address in an open forum.

    Second, you are going about things backwards.

    Third, overclocking memory does not accomplish that much. All it does is pretty much force the memory to wait for the CPU to transfer data.

    So, let's start over.

    This should be your first stop.
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L but all the Gigabyte Core2 BIOS's are similar.

    Go through the guides. Then take your core voltage off Auto and set your memory voltage to factory recommended values. Change the System Memory Multiplier from AUTO to 2.00B. Then when you increase the FSB, the memory clock will rise in in proportion with it. At an FSB of 333 MHz, your memory clock should be at 667 MHz.

    Download CPU-Z to check your FSB:RAM ratio. It should be a 1:1 ratio.

    Now start the "increase FSB, test for stability and temps cycle, and increase CPU voltage" cycle.

    You shouldn't exceed Intel's recommended max voltage of 1.3625 volts or 70 C. Depending on your CPU VID and your CPU's internal multiplier, you'll probably reach a stopping point somewhere around 400 - 450 MHz.
  3. I am running an E7200 with stock voltage, manually applied the voltage. Multiplier was the least I could set it to, I think 6 or 7. I actually bought 1066mhz ram so that I could run my FSB at 533 and have a 1:1 ratio. now your telling me this is not possible? should I go for 400mhz with tighter timings instead?
  4. First, do you have any idea of what you are doing?

    Why don't you just work up an OC like a normal person and stop worrying about your ram speed.

    Look up two posts and check out some of the things jsc has posted, then if you have a question come back.
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