HP DC7100 SFF soundcard problem

I recently got a HP dc7100 sff, and i can't get the sound card to work, neither in XP pro or Vista Basic. I get code 10, couldn't start... I have tryed every driver out there, including chipset drivers, flashed bios... The soundcard should be of the type soundMAX... There are also no way to see if it is disabled in the bios... Any suggestions what could be wrong...!?
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  1. Do you have any other cards in the system? maybe there is a conflict.
  2. No i don't have any other cards installed... Sound card is activated in the bios, but it shares IRQ with some other USB controllers, maybe that could couse the conflict...!? Allthough i did try and assign it it's own IRQ, but still nothing works... I think it's Vista that triggers this, maybe by assigning the wrong IRQ or something... Maybe it's just a hardware failure... I installed all the updates for Vista, and tried both the vendor drivers (HP), and the one provided by Vista driver update... I'm running out of ideas now...
  3. That is a very odd error, It almost looks like something hardware wise may be wrong, but its hard to tell.

    The only times I have ever had Code 10 was once from a TV card in a slot it did not like and once with a network card that was not seated right. Since your part is onboard, its unable to be either of those.

    Have you tried to reset the bios to defaults?

    Also make sure your other drivers are up to date as well.
  4. Yes it is very odd, since we have 20 more of these computers at work, same model, and all working and running XP pro.

    But the problem seems to be quite common, since people on other forums have this problem too.

    I have tried to reset the bios, including clearing the CMOS. All other drivers for motherboard/chipset and drives has been updated too.

    I checked the motherboard, and double checked all connectors, but everything is as it should be.

    I might just end up installing a new soundcard, just to get around this issue. Though cheap soundcards with low profile brackets are hard to find. There is an option, to install a PCI riser card, making it possible to install full sice PCI.

    I know creative has a soundcard, that can be fitted with an low profile bracket, X-FI soundblaster Xtreme gamer, but it has a lot of features, that i don't need for this setup, and is quite expensive too.

    Any ideas..?
  5. No audio controller installed for the chipset, could this be an issue...?

    I ran Everest, and it said - intel 82801fb ich6 - ac'97 audio controller b-1

    But i dont see any controller installed in my system manager..!
  6. Do you see a multimedia device or unknown device in the device manager with a yellow mark? Without drivers they do not show up to software.

    There are some odd combos for sound cards on some systems. I have seen chipset drivers include the sound drivers

    Have you tried the Intel chipset id program to see if your chipset has a audio codec built in?


    Also, If the chipset is old it will tell you to get an older version of that software. Then you can try to find a driver for your audio if Intel handles it. Intel has had several companies make there audio chips so knowing the chipset is essential.

    HP normally has very good support, have you contacted them?
  7. There is no unknown device in the device manager.

    Yes i tried the chipset id program from intel, and i tried installing the drivers from intel... Did not do much...

    As far as i can see, the soundchip is from analog devices, type AD1981B, which is the soundMAX, and the chipset is intel's 915 express chipset.

    I have not contacted HP, but maybe they have some sort of solution to this issue... But dont know if they provide support to a product this old, with now, Vista on it opposed to XP pro... But maybe i'll give it a try.
  8. I have the same problem with the same computer, on XP Pro (SP3), and I can't get it working too.
    I have te good drivers and some programs (like World of Warcraft) work, this is something with the soundsystem FMOD, but everything else doesn't want to see it as an working sound device. :(
  9. Very odd...could be an IRQ issue...did you look up what the error for code 10 actually is?

    If you do choose to get a cheap soundcard, I'd recommend the ASUS Xonar DS ahead of the Creative XtremeGamer though...
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