From Slave to Master, how to set the MBR?

Hi guys! So here's the setup:

HDD1 (master): installed Windows XP
HDD2 (slave): installed Windows 7

I'm migrating to Win7 but my problem is that I can't boot to Win7 if I switch the drives. I'm aware of the jumper settings and stuff. My guess is that Win7 boots off from WinXP 'cause WinXP was the master and has the MBR?

I just want to make the second HDD (Win7) to be the master and be able to boot in that OS. What should I do? Thanks guys :)
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    Remove the xp drive and set the Win 7 as the master. If the Win 7 drive is a Western Digital then leave the master/slave jumper off. Leave out the xp drive for now.
    Follow the directions from here:

    Once Win 7 is booting correctly you can reinstall the old XP drive, setting jumpers on both drives as needed. You can then copy over any data and reformat the drive to your liking.
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