Added sli, Have some problems. HELP!911!


I added a second video card today to a existing system. It posts and boots in to windows. I see the progress bar then where the login would be its blank. blank screen. The specs are below with details

xfx 780i

Pc power and cooling 750w silencer

Windows 64x

2 xfx 9800 gtx+

Qx6850 intel

velociraptor 300gb

Crucial 2 balistics pc2-8500 (i know i know) no negitive comments just help thanks

my bios has a date of 9/9/2008. I got the update via xfx support webpage.

If i remove the bridge and the card its boots to windows and operates fine. I have not been able to enter windows with both cards in at the same time. So i have not had the chance to enable SLI. anyone deal with the same issue?

*I've posted this in other areas (Grapics and display ) with no reply. I can boot up in to safe mode and use windows normaly with both card and i go to device manager and i can see both cards there. idk what the issue is i'm running out of ideas. i also just removed the display drivers and reinstalled the most recent ones from ANYONE?
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  1. Have you tried with just the new card to see if it works?
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