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Hey guys, I’m new to overclocking and would love some help with my Q6600. I’ve read quite a lot of forums and managed to get a stable 3.15GHz running Prime95 for 3hours but when I attempt 3.4GHz Prime crashes after 4mins but it will render a 6 hour video in 3Ds Max perfectly without crashing. As I said I’m new so I don’t know all the Abbreviation but I’m learning. So here’s where I’m at

Computer Setup:
Intel Q6600 2.4GHz
Corsair H50-1
Gigabyte GA - P35 – DS3L
OCZ Platinum Revision 2 XTC PC2-6400C4 Dual Channel Series (4 x 1GB)

The stable 3.15GHz is:


BIOS CPU Volts @ 1.41250v
PCI Express Frequency (MHz) @ 101
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) @ 2.40 = 800, 840

For the 3.4GHz it’s set to:

BIOS CPU Volts @ 1.47500v
9x379 = 3.41GHz
PCI Express Frequency (MHz) @ 101
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) @ 2.00 = 800, 758

Any help getting the 3.4GHZ stable would be great

Thanks Alex
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  1. OK, first of all, leave your System Memory Multiplier at 2.00. Any more and you will be overclocking your memory. That helps performance very little, if at all.

    One of your problems is that you have, as I put it, lost the CPU lottery. You have a higher than average VID. That's sort of your CPU's "stock" voltage.

    Idle temps don't mean much. Load temps are what's important. Should keep them under 70 C.

    If you haven't these stickies yet, take a look:
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:

    Your unusually high VID is probably the limiting factor.

    If you can't make 3.4 GHz stable, dial the FSB back to 367 MHz and run at 3.3 GHz. You won't notice any difference, and your system will run a little cooler.
  2. Thanks jsc i will take a look at those links tonight. When i do go to 3.4 my load temps are 62c so that seems ok.

    For the 3.3Ghz i should bring the memory multiplier to 2.00 and should i leave the cpu volts the same as the 3.4Ghz setup?

    Thanks again
  3. Decrease the mem mult to 2.00 and test again. That might be enough to run at 3.4 GHz or better. OTOH, 3.3 GHz ids a good place to start.
  4. i have a similar setup to you (q6600, p35 board albeit an abit, h50 cooler), and have just recently got it to 3.4 stable using 8x426 (which i did to get my 1066mhz memory nearer its full rated speed, however in my research i have heard of a lot of people saying the 8x multi is more stable). As jsc said, leave RAM multi at 2.00 to rule out memory as the culprit.

    My VID is even higher (worse) than yours at 1.325v so I don't think that is your entire problem, but to get 3.4 stable I'm currently using ~1.495v in bios (1.40-1.42 in cpuz) maybe stable lower, but haven't tried.

    Also, what voltage is your northbridge (listed as NB or MCH in bios) set to? as from memory i needed 1.29v to get 378fsb stable (as opposed to 1.25v standard), and now using 1.33v at 426fsb.

    sorry about the long and rambling nature of this post, I'm rooting through old graphs/screenies to try and help you!
  5. Thanks alot FanterA,

    Im gunna have to put the OC on hold for a week :( my dissertation for uni is in net friday :'( so ive rolled everything back so i dont screw anything up.

    As for the northbridge volts, if i remember correctly they are just standard and i think theres only the option to do +0.1, +0.2 etc so i cant tell what volts its at

  6. FanterA forgot to ask what temps are you getting @3.4 using the H50
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