Q6600 + FXF 750i SLI

I cannot make any changes to the BIOS. I have set the OC jumper on the MB, I get into the OC module in the BIOS, but although the parameters are in red (meaning they can be changed) -- nothing happens when I try to go further.
Am I missing something?

current setup:

XFX 750i SLI
Q6600 (G0)
WD 500G x 2 (RAID 1)
nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
( not yet SLI)

CPU frequency 2.4GHz
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  1. could you post some pictures? because its kinda hard to know what you're talking about exactly
  2. Does it have something called SLI ready memory? If so, disable it and you should be able to do everything. I have a 680i LT SLI and thats what I had to do. XFX board as well.
  3. Hi guys.
    @dickcruz & @billin30:
    I eventually realised that you had to use specific + and - keys (ie keypad)
    anyway, I went up too fast and I think I fried my CPU. I can't recover anything. If XFX support have no good news for me, I'm taking in to the local repair shop, probably for a new CPU. I just hope the mobo, memory etc are OK.
    Thanks for replying.
  4. darnit dude, that kinda blows. it shouldn't have fried your board or anything, so lets see what happens.
  5. It's OK folks!
    you can put away the black armbands. The CPU was fine. Once I reset the CMOS, it came back. Only thing was, my system was perfect except the network card wasn't working. A new card didn't help and The techs (again techs!) said 'something' had corrupted the registry and made it impossible to install network drivers. I just got it back after reinstalling windows, and haven't hooked it up yet. I'm waiting till tomorrow so I have a whole day to tear my hair out. BTW, I only got notified about your post, dickcruz, today.
  6. cool, i guessed that stuff might still be fine because ordinarily your power supply doesn't have the ability to burn stuff inside your case.
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