Please help to make USB flashdrive bootable to use for BIOS update


I need to make a USB flashdrive bootable in order to copy two files (flash utility & ROM file) to.

I need to boot from this in order to run the flash utility and use the ROM file to update my motherboard's BIOS.

Yes I know you can use the HP USB BOOT UTILITY, however, it does not work on windows 7, nor can one allocate an image file to larger than 1.44MB, this is a problem as the flash utility and the ROM files are roughly 2.1MB together.

Please help!
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  1. Here is a guide to making a bootable USB stick. I have used the HP USB Boot Utility to install WinXP, so you can use it for files much larger than 2.1 MB, you must use the FAT32 files system and not NTFS to do that.
  2. Also you can use winflash utility to flash bios through windows, I did this with my other pc a month ago. Go find the windows flash utility and the bios version you need.
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