BSOD / The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problem

laptop is BSOD, at first it kept going to the chkdsk screen and keeps rebooting, once it gets to the desktop, it blue screen, so I've tried recovery console, #1, chkdsk, fixboot, last known configuration, boot in safe mode then it stopped going to the chkdsk screen and straight to the desktop for 15-mins max, then it gives the bsod again. I've tried the following and still no resolve: chkdsk /p c: gets to 50% states one or more unrecoverable errors, chkdsk /p for full volume check it freezes at 50% goes to 75% then back to 50%, chkdsk states condition is good, chkdsk /r took almost 24-hours to get to 64%, so I rebooted PC, fixboot, safe mode to bring it to an earlier date, it wouldn't take the date.

I've tried everything and do not know what else to do...Please help!!!!!!
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  1. How and after what changes did this start happening ?
    There is also this if you have the install CD: sfc /scannow - fixes windows files.
    However, you may want to run memtestx86(x64) from boot cd or usb stick.
    If memory is good, your HD is going down, backup your important data.
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