2 Video cards need help

Hey guys just wondering I got 2 monitors and 2 ATI 4850's. Now the thing is ...

Can i use 1 video card for 1 each *monitor* or?

cuz i see that the ATI cards have two slots for 2 monitors *each card* but I'm not sure. Plus this one thing i have 1 gig , But in GTA4 it says i only have 512 mB ...so i was wondering kinda strange anyone help? Thanks
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  1. with one video card you can use 2 monitors, extend your desktop etc
  2. does the ATI software shows only 512MB for the card? mabye you need to update your software
  3. 69ers said:
    Plus this one thing i have 1 gig , But in GTA4 it says i only have 512 mB ...so i was wondering kinda strange anyone help? Thanks

    are these 4580 512mbs? if so then CF does not make them 1gb. It is still 512mb.
  4. Damn it...sigh no wonder cuz when i run GTA 4 it says i have 512 and i thought wait i have 1 gig. XD but still , I would like to use both the video cards to the full potential , anyone on ideas?
  5. when you do crossfire you will only see 512MB, you wont see 1GB. its just the way crossfire works.
  6. ah now last question if i have 2 video cards wouldn't it "boost" the other?
  7. if you have crossfire you will have more performance than having just one card. if you compare crossfire vs a single card, eventually crossfire will win because is powerful than a single card.
  8. CF eases graphic delivering rate by sharing the load between the two GPU's..... So if you CF two 512MB cards, performance wise it increases, but memory wise, it won't..... the thing is you have two cores for graphics processing... so faster processing would result... It works as if there is 1GB in use.... due to the result of memory sharing, it won't show as 1GB.....
  9. Now lastly , I got the thing understood. I got one last question anyone know how to let 1 monitor , Run a game , and the other for watching videos. Because everytime , i run Warcraft 3 , The Other Monitor for would "freeze" when I'm watching my name is Earl. How do i fix this ? XD
  10. there is an option in the Catalyst suite that let you do that, maybe im wrong but there should be something like that
  11. Anyone who is a ATI enthusiast know what this option is?
  12. look for something like dual view, so you can run 2 monitors side by side, in one you do one thing and in another other thing. even on windows you can do this, just extend your desktop to the other monitor.
  13. You shouldn't need to do anything special to be able to use the second monitor during gameplay but beware there will be a performance hit.

    I run dual 4850's with 3 monitors. I have a 22 inch on one card that I run as primary then 2 more 22 inch monitors on my other card. So far I haven't found the need to run crossfire since most games perform fine without. This is the reason I have my monitors plugged in the way I do. By having my primary monitor plugged in alone it has a card dedicated to it when gaming while the other card handles the tasks on the other monitors (usually I have the tv running on one screen and my gadgets and temp monitors on the other).

    Since your configuration only runs two monitors you should be able to run them off the same card and still have xfire enabled full time. Just go into windows or catalyst control center and extend the desktop onto the second screen and properly position it. When gaming games should play on your primary monitor and whatever you have running on the second should continue on but there will be a performance hit from having something running, especially with both monitors plugged into one card...
  14. Can i plug the other , DVI cable into the other video card and it will work? and how do i get addictive graphics to work...anyone know how to turn it on?? Oh btw , i can't click on the one for "gaming" that's why so i wanna know to turn it on so yeah
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