Help me build a ~650 PC please

I have been searching around a few days and came up with a good PC for ~850, but my parents just told me I have t limit to something near 600-650, I already have Vista Ultimate 64 and a Monitor, but I don't know what parts to get for a good cheap, and long lasting P.C that plays the latest games(Far Cry2,GTA IV,Crysis, etc) and will continue to do so. So my question is"Please build me a P.C for around 650". Sorry If I'm asking too much
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  1. Ok, your not asking to much

    Everything is prices

    CPU and MOBO: Asus P45 and cpu E7300=$196

    Video card 4850 ati: only $129

    CPU cooler:XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm=$21

    Memory Ram:CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin=$19.99

    Hard Drive:HITACHI Deskstar 500Gb=$54

    Case:Antec 900=$56

    DVD Burner: lg light scribe burner 22x =$24

    Power Supply: Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W = $14

    Grand total only $513

    However I would recommend to leave everything the same and change the 4850 video card for the GTX 260 core 216 (keep the P45 motherboard). If you do this Grand Total is= $623

    Hope this helps
  2. What resolution monitor do you have. Because if it is no a 30in you should be able to play every game max out, including crysis with the system mentioned above.
  3. I have a 17" LCD
  4. In that case the E7300 I recommended is going to bottleneck the GTX 260 core 216. Unless you overclock it, do you plan on overclocking. If not, maybe you should get the E8400 cpu and the gtx 260 (not core 216) or the 4850. Either way on a 17in you should be able to max out aa and settings in all games except crysis, in crysis you will probably be able to use cheap very high max resolutions but no aa.

    Hope this helps
  5. I do plan to overclock it
  6. In that case it is your call. You should be able to get the E7300 to a least 3.8 if not 4.0GHz, which should keep up with the gtx 260 core 216. This is what I recommend you should get a good system, and if you overclock you should be able to play every game on max settings with aa on you 17in monitor.

    Or if you want the slightly stronger E8400 and the gtx 260 (not 216 core), you can do that as well.

    I recommend the the above, but it is your judgment call. Either way you are going to get a very fast computer that can play all the latest games.

    The only thing is that you will not be able to sli the gtx 260 without changing the motherboard to the 780i which is out of you budget, but it does not matter at you screen resolution because you will get very little gains from that.

    Let me know what you decide,
    Hope all this helps
  7. sorry dude but that list is invalid the case is out of stock and is only 56 dollars until sunday...after that it will be back to 120 i think which means ur system would cost 583 and he forgot the OS which means it would be about 683
  8. Paul seems to have written an article just for you ($625 gaming machine):,2082.html
  9. I just saw that the case went out of stock. But he can still find decent cases for the same price, like the NZXT Tempest which is only $89. I thought he already had a OS, but if doesn't than he going to have to go for the 4850 which is still a great card.
  10. Im about to get this and this for a total of:
    Before Rebates: $722
    After Rebates: $638
    So what do you guys think? Should I change anything?
    Thanks to all who helped so far!
  11. Everything looks good. Going to need a bigger PSU if you go crossfire in the future but for the one video card it should be fine.

    Should be a great computer,
    Happy Gaming
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